Estancias, the farms of Paraguay

The Estancias of Paraguay

Paraguay is a country of wide open spaces which draws its letters of nobility from agriculture and breeding.

Agribusiness is a major industry in the Paraguayan economy. Land in Latin America, and mainly in Paraguay, has always been a safe haven, like gold. Livestock and agriculture have been linked to Paraguay throughout its history. The good economic health of the country and the growing demand for agricultural and cattle products are attracting capital.

Paraguay’s soil is known for its agricultural quality

Invest in an agricultural property

The food industry is the main destination of foreign investment. Europe, mainly the Netherlands, the United States and Brazil, are the main investing countries.

With the arrival of foreign capital and technological innovations, Paraguay has become a strong part of the world market.
Improving agricultural production techniques has always been one of the government’s priorities.

The choice of a property intended for agriculture is based on the activity chosen and the region suitable for production.

Capital Campo offers:

  • The complete study of available farms, the market study and the potential.
  • The development of the financial project.
  • The soil quality and the hydrometrics tests to ensure breeding or cultivation.
  • The structuring and implementation of the project by recruiting and hiring employees.
  • Operational delegation through the control and monitoring of your investments on site.
  • The legal relationship inherent in the country.

Investing in a cattle breeding Ranch

Far from intensive farming in which animals are not considered and where production takes precedence over animal welfare, Paraguayan breeders have chosen to respect their animals. They offer them, despite the constraints imposed in the management of their herds, to live in the open air, in green pastures and unhindered. The livestock population is mainly spread over large natural areas, which gives producers the certainty of offering healthy, quality animals particularly appreciated by the public.

At Capital Campo we work for human health through the quality of animal health and welfare. We work together with European country livestock authorities on eco-bio and antibiotic resistance issues.

Opportunities for everyone, from family businesses to multinationals


Tourism, Organic, Medicinal plants

Ranch in the Chaco

Cattle breeding

Mixed farm

The Success of Your Investment in Paraguay

The forest

Reforestation, a good deed for our planet

Paraguay, land of opportunity

Capital Campo puts all its know-how at your disposal to offer you various investment opportunities for your project.

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