The economy of Paraguay

A solid and growing economy

According to a study carried out by the German research institute IFO, Paraguay’s economic climate is clearly improving and favorable for investment, unlike some South American countries, such as Argentina, for example, where the current climate continues to be unfavorable.

The real risk to the global economy lies in Europe. Europe is the main risk for the world economy. Austerity or the budgetary pact is not a solution to end the crisis, it is only a temporary palliative. Further turbulence in the Euro zone is to be expected.

Paraguay has reduced its dependence on the economies of neighboring countries, thanks to its worldwide exports of livestock and agricultural products.

Promising investment sectors

Paraguay has started strong and steady growth for several years.


The food industry is the main destination for foreign investors.


Agricultural production consists of cereals, corn, sesame, rice, wheat, industrial crops: soybeans, sugar cane, sunflower, cotton, tobacco. There are also plants such as “Yerba Maté”, “Ka’a He’é” stevia, coffee, a variety of vegetables, cassava, potatoes, and tropical fruits.

With the new WHO guidelines on the use of antibiotics, the market for medicinal plants and essential oils must meet this important demand. Paraguay has all the assets to satisfy this market.

Cattle breeding

Paraguayan beef is recognized around the world for its excellence.

Cattle breeding, mainly extensive, and its various possibilities of exploitation, is fundamental in the Paraguayan economy. Its development is constantly growing to meet international demand.

Paraguayan beef prices are the highest in the region, thanks to remarkably high traceability and organic production conditions.

Pig and poultry farming are also booming.

As the Paraguayans say:
¡Si el Campo va bien, el país va bien!
If the field is doing well, the country is doing well!


The development of the industry is recent, but its weight in the national economy is constantly increasing significantly.

Different branches such as construction, building and civil engineering, cement factories, are in full expansion thanks to the real estate boom. Mechanical constructions also benefit from the expansion with the evolution of the purchasing power and the way of life of the population.

The construction and development of industrial parks, to meet the growing international demand for processed products, such as soybean pellets, flour, oil and many other products with the lowest processing costs.

The food industry and biofuel are benefiting from growing global demand.


The lack of transport infrastructure has hampered the development of Paraguay. With the boom in the capital market, many programs are being developed and implemented.

The telecommunications sector is experiencing significant development with cellular telephony and attracts many foreign investors and operators.

With the increase in purchasing power, shopping, restaurants, and many other businesses are also booming.

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