19,785 ha
Alto Paraguay


Alto Paraguay
19,785 ha

The property is close to Rio Paraguay river, 40 km from Carmelo Peralta and 25 km from Puerto Guarani, in the department of Alto Paraguay.


On the 19,785 hectares of the ranch

  • 5,772 hectares of pasture, mainly from Tanzania, but also Rhodes, Gatton Panic, Mombasa
  • 6,129 hectares of natural field
  • 1,374 hectares with clearing permit
  • 6,510 hectares of forest reserve
  • 100 km of perimeter fence and 240 km of internal fence.
  • 38 km of internal paths.

The water supply is provided by 80 tajamares with a capacity of 830,000 m3.

The ranch’s infrastructure
  • House administrator
  • Homes for staff
  • Office
  • Warehouses
  • Hangars
  • Tanks, pumps, generators etc.
  • 3 corrals
  • Airstrip 960 m

Electricity: connected to the ANDE network

All the infrastructures are in very good condition.

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