Buy Land. They ain’t making anymore of that stuff.
Will Rogers

Invest in Paraguay

Invest in a country that has favorable development prospects with a strong and expanding economic fabric.

In the last decade, Paraguay has become one of the largest producers of basic food products in the world, thanks to the increase in investors and the dynamism of the Paraguayan economy. Agricultural and livestock businesses are fundamental to Paraguay’s economic development. Low production costs and very low tax rates make businesses profitable.

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Invest in Paraguay

The Success of Your Investment in Paraguay

The Farms

Agriculture, Livestock, Organic Food


The heart of South America

Paraguay a land of opportunities

The excellent dynamism of Paraguay’s economy favors the rapid development of industry, commerce, construction, as well as the production of manufactured or processed products, financial services, and logistics.

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Create and invest

The stable economic and political context is conducive to business creation, particularly with tax advantages, the ease and security of establishment. Paraguay has signed agreements with many countries to secure investors. Paraguay’s subtropical climate is ideal for agriculture but also for cattle farming. Many business sectors are to be developed and are all opportunities for an entrepreneur.

Sustainable added value

Every year land prices are rising everywhere, so improving efficiency in resource use is fundamental to increasing productivity to meet the needs of current generations while preserving the Earth for future generations. Responsible management will enhance land value while increasing income and providing sustainable added value.

An ultra-liberal policy

Paraguay is the exception of Latin America. Where some countries have turned to ultra-interventionist systems like Bolivia or Venezuela, Paraguayans are largely in favor of general “laissez faire”. No taxes or almost … 10% VAT, an income tax introduced only in 2013, which did not exist before, with a very wide range of abatements, in short, a favorable regime to develop its capital.

How to secure and increase your capital in Paraguay

Capital Campo offers investment opportunities in different promising sectors.

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