Tips for buying a Ranch in Paraguay

Tips for investing in an Estancia in Paraguay

Companies, passive or active investors and whatever your motivations for buying an estancia or land to develop, the process will be identical to that of buying a company.

Surround yourself with professionals

It is very important to evaluate, with professionals in the sector, the possibilities of your future operation.

Call on local experts who will advise you on the realization of your project. Some areas are more favorable to agriculture and others to livestock. The land is a capital element in the success of the company.

Other factors must also be taken into account.

Success depends on the correct evaluation of the future exploitation. It is important to find the right balance between purchase price, possibilities and operating costs.

Acquisition of property in Paraguay

The pattern of acquiring a property in Paraguay is relatively similar to the European model.

In order to avoid local pitfalls, Capital Campo provides you with all the skills of its employees and liaises with the various authorities.

Ensure the success of your investment in Paraguay, with a professional recognized for his knowledge of the country and his multiple skills.

Buy in peace with our turnkey service.


An overview of a formed estancia: