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Our Services

Our asset management and protection team offers you its analysis to make the best real estate investments in Paraguay

In addition to sales, capital Campo’s services offer you the organization, development, training and management of your real estate investment. We mainly manage agricultural properties, cattle ranches, and reforestation, but we can also take care of all real estate, such as hotels, commercial and industrial premises.

Capital Campo is at your service for all your projects and your research of partnerships in the sectors of industry and trade, as well as for your consultations with the authorities and, in particular, with the ministries of trade, industry and agriculture.

  • Project study
  • Investment analysis
  • Accompanying feasibility
  • Follow-up to the realization of your project
  • Control and connection
  • Wealth investment
  • Proposal of property
  • Tax exemption
  • Domiciliation of companies

Our Goals

To meet growing needs, Capital Campo has expanded its skills by adding the study of tax exemption projects in Paraguay. There is no communication between the tax services of the different countries and the general direction of the Paraguayan treasury, nor even between the banking organizations of Paraguay. It is therefore necessary to be supported by complementary competences to avoid the omission of declaration.

Capital Campo has set itself the goal of the success of your investment in Paraguay, by providing a complete service appropriate to the specific needs of each client, with transparent management. Our entire team is at your disposal to fully understand what you are looking for and to help you succeed in your project.

To secure and develop your capital, Capital Campo offers investment opportunities in various high value-added sectors in Paraguay.

To give you all satisfaction we offer you, if you wish, a turnkey service.

Through its activities, Capital Campo generates investments for Paraguay’s socio-economic development.

A wide choice of promising business sectors

Our team offers its analysis for the establishment of agri-food projects, but also for multiple and complementary investments, thus meeting the needs of local and export markets.

If Paraguay has been the refuge of international groups for many years, more and more medium and small investors wish to develop their capital in this country. They are won over by the many advantages and the security that Paraguay offers to individuals and businesses. Paraguay is recognized for its stability by experts such as MOODY’S.

Livestock farming, predominant in the various deficialisation projects, is changing through the acquisition of large estancias for cattle breeding. The same is true for the agricultural sector, which offers goods producing soybeans, coffee, rice, cotton, sugar cane and more recently a development of medicinal plant crops.
Market gardening is not left out, the need is great, the distribution channels are waiting for quality products to meet an ever more demanding clientele.

With these findings, we have expanded our business knowledge in order to meet our commitments to make the return on investments made by our clients. Capital Campo is able to offer turnkey projects, from the purchase of the property to the establishment of the distribution network.

Capital Campo also responds to export requests and special orders of products from cattle breeding and conventional or organic non-GMO agricultural products. Our favourite areas are: soybeans, corn, wheat, sesame, sugar cane, stevia, cotton, rice, cereals in addition to various cattle, pig and fish farming.

In general, and from an economic point of view, Paraguay has the following basic features:

  • Central geographical location in contact with the major consumption centers of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile – therefore, Asia.
  • Young population, eager to progress.
  • Fertile and inexpensive land, pleasant climate.
  • Absence de désastres naturels.
  • Availability of abundant and inexpensive water and electrical energy.
  • Solid, strong, stable monetary policy: the only South American country to have had the same currency, the Guarani, for more than fifty years.
  • Low tax burden.

Capital Campo: Expertise and Choice

Take advantage of the opportunities chosen and validated by our teams to invest. Capital Campo accompanies you throughout your project and its implementation.

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