Industry in Paraguay

The strong growth of the industry in Paraguay

Paraguayan industry occupies a preponderant place in the development of the country.

The development of the industry in Paraguay is recent and booming with an increase of 8% for the last two years. Investment in the industry has increased by 36% since 2013, with 46% of domestic investors and 54% of foreign investors. With new laws to stimulate investment, and the Maquila regime, investors benefit from numerous tax exemptions.

The lack of road infrastructure and the lack of connection with Europe have hampered the development of tourism in Paraguay. Today, with direct flights from Europe and the United States, the development of the road network, infrastructure and hotels, the tourism industry is expanding rapidly and steadily. Tour operators offer tours integrating Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The industrialization of the country is very rapid with the manufacture of motorcycles, cars, trucks and other boats.

The service industry with transport, health, pharmaceutical industry, communications, and tourism, offers very important development potential.

With unpolluted land, Paraguay is an opportunity for the organic industry, the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants. Agriculture and livestock are Paraguay’s main industries. The main agricultural products are soybeans, corn, sugar cane, wheat, cotton, tobacco, oranges and mate. With the arrival of new technologies, the soybean and other crop processing industry is in constant development. Cattle breeding is particularly important, especially in the Chaco, and in the southern part of the Eastern Region, along with the industrialization of all its derivatives. The forest industry offers products in the form of sawn timber, furniture and tannin.

There are reserves of oil, natural gas, iron, manganese, bauxite and other minerals, but they are not commercially exploited.

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